BAO Systems Platform and BAO Edge On-Premises Platform as a Service
Maintenance and Technical Support Terms and Conditions

BAO Systems provides the following Support Services to Platform Services and BAO Edge Customers. Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Standard Terms and Conditions for Platform and BAO Edge as a Service.

BAO Systems can only provide the following applicable Support Services to BAO Edge Customers when and to the extent Customer’s electrical and Internet connections permit. BAO Systems cannot provide such Support Services without Customer maintaining adequate, periodic, and planned connectivity to both suitable electrical sources and the Internet, and does not guarantee the timeliness, accuracy or consistency with which such Support Services will be delivered. It is the sole responsibility of Customer to obtain such electricity and Internet access.

1. Hosting Support
  1. Hosting and Performance Monitoring
  2. Patching of operating system and middleware
  3. BAO Manager (BAO Systems’ customer portal)
  4. Server system upgrades
  5. Backups
2. Additional Support Plans

Additional support services beyond those described in these Maintenance and Technical Support Terms and Conditions are available to Customer at an hourly rate listed in an applicable Order Form, billed in 15-minute increments. Those additional Support Services may include, but are not limited to, configuration guidance, application troubleshooting, database troubleshooting, database importing (after initial setup), end-user support, or custom server configuration.

3. Support for Customers with Backend/Secure shell ("SSH") access to servers

In order to maintain the integrity of Customer Software, BAO Systems generally does not allow backend access to its servers, including SSH access and direct access to the database (collectively, "Backend Access"). BAO Systems strongly encourages Customer to use the SQL View functionality of DHIS 2 or similar functionality for other Customer Software. For clarity, this Section 3 does not apply to BAO Edge.

Nevertheless, BAO Systems may, at its sole discretion, allow Backend Access should Customer wish to operate its servers independently; provided, however, that in those cases, the Service Level Agreement no longer apply to Customer and BAO Systems shall have no obligation to maintain Availability or issue any Availability Credits in connection with this Agreement. BAO Systems may explain to Customer the general risks associated with Backend Access prior to granting access to Customer. Customer hereby expressly assumes the risks associated with Backend Access, and it is Customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that its technical personnel understand the implications of this Backend Access. For the sake of clarity, BAO Systems shall not be responsible for any damage, loss (including data), or injury that occurs to Customer via any permitted Backend Access.

BAO Systems cannot monitor Customer’s activity on servers with Backend Access and cannot predict how such Backend Access will implicate BAO Systems’ system maintenance or whether such Backend Access will require additional Support Services or engineering services by BAO Systems to accommodate such Backend Access. Accordingly, all work and services performed by BAO Systems staff on servers where Backend Access is provided, including work normally included at no additional cost in the Hosting Support section listed above, will be billed at BAO Systems’ standard hourly support plan rate in 15 minute increments and Customer agrees to pay all such invoices in a manner consistent with the terms of the Standard Terms and Conditions for Platform as a Service and BAO Edge (On-Premises PaaS).